RUllard 75


Richard Granville Bromley and Ulla Asgaard, 75 years of leaving traces


On the occasion of his 75th birthday, the ichnological community would like to honour Richard Granville Bromley together with his wife Ulla Asgaard with a special symposium. This conference was held on the island Bornholm (Denmark) between May, 14.-16., 2014.


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Ann. Soc. Geol. Pol., Special Volume



After some of us had come up with the idea to the symposium, Alfred Uchman sent out emails to see if there would be enough people to support such an event. Amongst the email recipients, there was a great response in favour of the conference. We therefore, wrote a letter to Ulla Asgaard and Richard Bromley to see how they would react to it. To all our satisfaction and joy, they gave us the “all clear“ and now we are planning for this great event! You can read the open letter here that has been sent to “Rullard”:


Dear Ulla and Richard,

We, the Ichnocommunity, have been missing you badly during the last few ichnological meetings. We are deeply concerned about your health and understand that you do not want to travel. However, many of us would like to see you both again. And so we remembered the old proverb:


If the prophet will not come to the mountain, then the mountain must come to the prophet.


We would like to organise a small symposium (2-3 days) on the occasion of Richard's 75th birthday on Bornholm -- in May 2014, so we may arrive before most of the tourists. But don't worry! We will plan and organise everything from soup to nuts:  accommodations, field trip, editing, etc. You will not have to do anything but show up during the symposium (and not even that, if you  don’t feel like it when the time comes).

One of our purposes is to clear up unfinished business. Alfred Uchman has volunteered to edit a theme issue of papers based on research that you both have inspired, with the proposed title ONE ICHNOLOGY. Again, you will not have to lift a finger for  this. Just sit back and enjoy.

Before we get too ambitious with planning we must ask your permission. May we go ahead with the plan, or do you think it is complete nonsense?

We all would be happy if you could answer, whether positive or negative!


Kind regards and all the best!

Alfred Uchman

Huriye Demirçan

Nils M. Hanken

Al Curran

Jan K. Nielsen

Noelia Carmona

Andreas Wetzel

Jean Gérard

Radek Mikuláš

Andrew K. Rindsberg

Jesper Milán

Renata Netto

Arpad David

Kurt Nielsen

Sten Lennart Jakobsen

Assunta d'Alessandro

Lothar H. Vallon

Tina A. Kjeldahl-Vallon

Dirk Knaust

Luis Buatois

Tony Ekdale

Duncan McIlroy

Markus Bertling

Tony Martin

Franz T. Fürsich

Max Wisshak

and others...

Gabriela Mángano

Michael Schlirf


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